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Vitamin Supplements as a Nutritional Strategy against Chronic Alcohol Consumption? An Updated Review PMC

This can increase the chances of developing osteoporosis, especially for women. If you’re currently drinking, trying to cut back, or in recovery, taking calcium supplements is another great way to protect your overall health. DL-phenylalanine is an essential amino acid which plays an important role in the functioning of your nervous system. If your body is deficient in this amino acid, it’s common to experience fatigue, confusion, memory problems, a decrease in alertness, and to have a reduced appetite. D-phenylalanine also slows the breakdown of endorphins, which act as the body’s natural painkiller, prolonging their release into the body. Individuals with alcohol use disorder may experience deficiencies in vitamins such as vitamin B. A doctor may recommend taking supplements to help them through the detoxification process.

Excessive alcohol consumption can also spike the production of free radicals. According to theNational Institute of Mental Healthdepression affects 17 million Americans a year.

Useful Vitamins for Alcoholics

Research shows that DHM can increase the efficacy of enzymes that metabolize alcohol, helping your body to eliminate it faster. DHM also appears to reduce inflammation and fat accumulation in the liver, helping to guard against alcohol-related liver disease. However, people who misuse alcohol may eat less food and commonly have deficiencies in zinc, magnesium, selenium, protein, and certain vitamins. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that is stored in our bodies.

Can too much B12 cause neuropathy?

Symptoms of neuropathy usually stop when the supplements are discontinued. High-dose vitamin B supplements should be avoided, because they can lead to nerve damage.

All the damage done by alcohol may be undone by supplying nutrients in high dosages to correct the imbalances. If you or someone you love needs help recovering from addiction, our team at Banyan Treatment Centers Boca Raton is here to help. Our detox facilities in Boca support patients through their recovery, from detox and beyond. Successful sobriety is about more than vitamins, vitamins for recovering alcoholics but vitamins are one important component of full-scope rehab. The consumption of alcohol results in the formation of two very toxic compounds…acetaldehyde and malondialdehyde. These compounds generate massive free radicals that damage cells throughout the body. Proper antioxidants taken before a night of excessive drinking can minimize the hangover or damage to the body.

What supplements are good for recovering alcoholics?

There’s no way around it—when you drink heavily for a long period, your body takes a hit. As we’ve covered recently, nutrition in recovery can play a huge role in helping your system bounce back. The right combination of vitamins and supplements can not only help you feel physically healthier, it can also help you overcome common long-term withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and depression. In recent years, the word “detox” has come to mean cleansing the body from everyday “toxins” by sticking to a special diet and even avoiding food altogether. But in the true medical sense,detoxificationis a process that the body undergoes naturally when removing harmful substances like drugs and alcohol from your system. This is why individuals often experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when undergoing a detox. Instead of restricting food, the best thing you can do is give the body what it needs to function.

  • In addition to taking the vitamins as supplements, foods such as leafy greens, fruits, fish and poultry, and eggs are good to eat during alcohol detox to get B vitamins naturally.
  • All of these benefits are helpful for people going through alcohol detox.
  • Therefore, by managing the vitamin B balance, patients can have a much easier time overcoming their alcohol addiction.
  • Today, when awareness of the importance of health protection, the need for strengthening resistance by supplementing through vitamins and minerals is also increasing.
  • Located near the historical Boston metropolitan area in Massachusetts, our mission is to help individuals seeking treatment from substance abuse from all over the country.
  • AA cofounder Bill Wilson found a link between alcoholism and hypoglycemia which he discussed in the late 1960’s in his papers to AA physicians.

There are also so-called banana bags or rally packs — souped-up IV drips — sometimes administered to people with chronic alcohol use disorders. Medical providers sometimes give these drips to clients with Wernicke’s encephalopathy, which affects 12.5 percent of alcoholics, according to some data. An alcoholic that is also hypoglycemic has an over sensitized pancreas, which stimulates an over production of insulin. This causes an excessive removal of blood sugar, driving down blood sugar levels below normal. It is at this time that physical symptoms result as described throughout this discussion. Over time this physical stress affects the adrenal glands as they to pump out excessive amounts of epinephrine in an effort to prevent further insulin shock.. This results in increased severity of the symptoms of hypoglycemia, resulting in increased to cravings for sugar (alcohol, refined flour, candy, etc.).

Inhibiting Nutrient Absorption

There were also associations between both vitamin C and vitamin B9 while the molecular basis is unknown. Vitamin B9 is required for the transformation of Hcy into methionine as well as the generation of deoxythymidine monophosphate from deoxyuridine monophosphate . Even though vitamin C consumption has been shown to raise circulation levels of vitamin B9 and lower Hcy levels , the relationship between them remains unknown. Figure 3 summarizes the vitamins and their possible mechanisms of action against the liver injury caused by alcohol consumption. Recommended dietary allowances are population statistics, and they represent rough estimates of the average requirement of individuals within a population. However, for most micronutrients, part of the information that is required to accurately calculate the daily intake is either unknown or incomplete. Thus, the recommendations are made based on several assumptions and considerations that could lead to large variations in the eventual RDA .

One option is high doses of oral vitamin B supplementation, which can help correct deficiencies without causing adverse effects. However, these supplements may not provide enough vitamin B1, which is essential for preventing a condition called Wernicke’s encephalopathy , a medical emergency. Therefore, doctors treating individuals detoxing from alcohol might prescribe additional treatments with vitamin B1.

Magnesium Supplements

Deficiency in B12, B9, and B6 vitamins can create serious problems for liver functions. It can damage the organ and disrupt the methionine metabolism. NAC helps the body produce more glutathione which is often depleted after years of drinking alcohol heavily. Taking NAC can significantly reduce anxiety, a common symptom of alcohol withdrawal.

Korean Red Ginseng attenuates anxiety-like behavior during ethanol withdrawal in rats. You can look to take a dedicated Vitamin C supplement or choose a good multi vitamin that includes vitamin C. For those that do experience symptoms, it can last anywhere from a few days through to years in extreme cases.

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